Dumbarton Middle Network News

The Comfort Closet Receives An Important Donation, September 2019

Special thanks to Jeremy Talman and the Maryland DC Wireless Association (MDDCWA) for a very generous donation benefiting the Comfort Closet at Dumbarton Middle School. Network Volunteer Shannon Carney says the $2,000 donation will go towards the most high-demand toiletry items to supplement donations already received directly from the local community (shampoo/conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, laundry pods, etc). In addition, it may cover other costs that always come up throughout the year — field trips, white shirts & bow ties for concerts, gym uniforms, etc., — for students at Dumbarton who otherwise would not be able to afford these additional expenses.

Dumbarton Middle School Joins the Student Support Network, July 2019

The Student Support Network is delighted to welcome Dumbarton Middle School!  Volunteers and staff have been developing Dumbarton Middle’s Comfort Closet throughout 2019 and officially joined the Student Support Network in July. 

The lead volunteers of the Dumbarton Middle Network are Shannon Carney and Lisa Mathias, who will work with school staff to fulfill student needs and stock and organize the room for students, now known as the Comfort Closet.