Loch Raven High Network

Loch Raven High School

1212 Cowpens Avenue

Towson, MD 21286

Lead Volunteers:  Beth Wolff, Julie Desmarais, and Janet Stevens


Founded in 1972, Loch Raven High School is located at the corner of Cowpens Ave. and Cromwell Bridge Road in Towson. The school currently has 885 students. Of these, 286 qualify to receive Free and Reduced Price Meals, or FARMS; about one third of the entire student population lives in poverty.

Homeless Students

This past school year, 24 students attending Loch Raven HS were identified as homeless. Homeless students can be living in hotels, shelters, “couch surfing,” or living with friends or relatives because of economic hardship; some are also homeless because of domestic violence, or alcohol or drug abuse.

Hunger and food insecurity are also affecting student learning. Visits to the front office for food have ranged from 140 to 250 visits a month during the school year. Food insecurity (anxiety about not enough food, or nutritious food) also affects students on the weekends, and during school breaks and the summer months, when low income families must pay for the meals children can get in school.

The Loch Raven Network funds the stocking of food in the front office, the nurse’s office, and in the Loch Raven Haven at the school.