Loch Raven Network Success Stories

ICYMI — Loch Raven High School Community Day, March 2019

The Loch Raven High School Community Day last Saturday was a huge success – hundreds of people came to enjoy food, music, art, crafts, and get information about community groups. The Loch Raven Network received hundreds of items – a big thank you to two volunteers, Kris Kominoth and Grace Rogers for staffing our table there! At the event, Laurie Taylor-Mitchell met Kathleen Causey, Board of Education member for the 3rd District in Baltimore County, and Adrienne Hammel, Volunteer extraordinaire for this event and also for the Student Support Network.

Kris Kominoth and Grace Rogers volunteering for the Loch Raven Network at the Loch Raven Community Day

Adrienne Hammel, Kathleen Causey, Laurie Taylor-Mitchell at Loch Raven Community Day

Stories of gratitude from the Student Support Network, December 2018

From the social worker at Loch Raven High School: “I received so many hugs and warm handshakes over the past two weeks on behalf of you and your team of volunteers. You are truly softening the burden of poverty and homelessness for families at this time of the year, as well as through the Network’s supports all year long. I am so blessed to be the link for many families with the Network, and always let folks know that the thanks are all due to you all. Yesterday, after receiving a hug from a father of the last family on our holiday adoption list, a man who is really a stranger to me but so very grateful for your generosity, my heart felt full. I hope that this is how you and the other volunteers feel too for all of the gift-giving done this December.

Below is an email of thanks that I received from a mother this morning; her words ring so true:

“Gm Ms. Putchat I just wanted to thank you and your team of volunteers from the bottom of my heart for all the help that you all helped provide for my family and I, you have no idea how much this has helped my family, and we are truly appreciative for how you all have gone above and beyond in the manner in which you have. The gifts that were given helped add a little bit more of a peace of mind, in that I don’t have to be stressed Tryin to figure out how to make a way of no way. I truly do thank you all 😍👍🏽💖💙💙💙”

To all of our Network volunteers, thank you and Happy Holidays!

The Adopt-a-Family Event is a Welcome Success, December, 2018

Twenty-eight families were adopted this year by volunteers of the Student Support Network.

A garage filled with gifts for families participating in the Adopt-A-Family Program for the December holidays at Loch Raven High School.

Every Donation Had An Impact in 2017

To see just how important the 2017 Loch Raven High School projects were to the school’s students, please read the wonderful letter of thanks from the school Principal, Administrative Assistant, and Social Worker for our programs and funding of projects. Chris Diehl, the lead organizer for the Network program at Loch Raven, is phenomenal!  Read the letter.

In addition, the work of the Student Support Network on behalf of Loch Raven High School did not go unnoticed by Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, who wrote a letter to Laurie Taylor-Mitchell after reading one of the Towson Times articles on the Network.  Read Congressman Ruppersberger’s letter

2017 LRHS In-School Projects Supporting Students in Poverty

  • 32 families benefited from the Adopt A Family Holiday program     Learn More
  • 25 backpacks were distributed through the Back to School Project
  • A Clothing Drive was conducted for mock employee interviews
  • The Thanksgiving Drive benefited  students & families in need
  • The “Room of Support”, called the Loch Raven Haven, was organized & stocked with “in demand” items
  • $100 Grocery store gift cards were distributed for spring & summer breaks
  • Food & toiletries were stocked in key offices
  • Donations covered caps & gowns, gym uniforms, prom ticket, yearbook fees, college deposit, AP test fees, field trip & basketball gear assistance for homeless/low income students

October 2017: Mock interviews with employers give students experience with interviewing for a job. The Loch Raven Network’s drive for shoes and clothes for interviews helped students look their best for interviews at Loch Raven, Parkville, and Chesapeake High Schools.

Network volunteers at Loch Raven High School, December 2017

Students at Goucher College with items donated to the Network by Goucher Students and Alumni, December 2017

Gifts arriving at Loch Raven High School, Adopt A Family Program, December 2017

Baltimore County Employees at Drumcastle with gifts for the Loch Raven High School Adopt A Family Program, December 2017