Adopt A Family Details

In 2015, 2016 and 2017 the Network volunteers, local churches and other community groups supported the following projects:

 The holiday project in December of 2015 brought the Loch Raven Network into existence: dozens of volunteers, as well as churches, a book club, a Girl Scout troop, and groups of friends and neighbors, adopted families from Loch Raven High School.

 For the Adopt A Family Holiday Project of 2016,  donations of about $14,000 “fully funded” the requests of 130 people in 34 families.

 Most of these donations went for basic needs items, including food (often first among items requested), household supplies (including requests for toilet paper and paper towels), toiletries, winter coats and other winter clothing, underwear, socks, and shoes.  And volunteers honored the gift requests too – candles, gift cards to stores, etc. 

 One family had been homeless and the five children had no beds.  In just three days, thanks to an extraordinary volunteer plus Network funds, we had bedding and air beds for the five children delivered to the high school and the school coordinated getting them to the mother.

 The Loch Raven High School student in the homeless family described above had been absent during the period of homelessness – the social worker reported what happened next:

 “…the student’s first stop back after being absent was to my office in order to go to the room.  I think that this is a nice example of how the Room [of Support] is such a great resource, and fosters students coming to me for support; her stopping by spear-headed too her being connected with the Pupil Personnel Worker and our being able to connect with the parent to help the family further.  All thanks to the Room/Network!”