Loch Raven Network News

August, 2018: The Loch Raven Haven Has Expanded!

Great news for the Loch Raven Network – we’ve been able to expand the space for the Loch Raven Haven! Many thanks to Linda Oliver at LRHS for helping to make this happen, and to Chris Diehl and Vicki Schmelz, who worked for many hours on cleaning up and reorganizing for the new school year – the large space added is on the right.

Debbie Phelps Visits the Loch Raven Haven, July 10, 2018

We were so pleased today to have Debbie Phelps, the Executive Director of The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, visit the Loch Raven Haven at Loch Raven High School to see our space for students and to learn more about the Student Support Network. It’s wonderful to have her interest and appreciation for our programs!

Left to right: Janine Holmes, Principal, Loch Raven High School, Debbie Phelps, Linda Oliver, administrative assistant at Loch Raven.