Loch Raven High Network Projects

To help with Loch Raven projects, please contact our Lead Volunteers: Beth Wolff, Julie Desmarais, and Janet Stevens

Year Round Projects

  • “Welcome” backpacks for homeless students and others in need identified over the summer in feeder schools to Loch Raven High School.
  • Funding non-perishable food available in front office and in nurse’s office for hungry students (if students have not eaten they often cannot take medications).
  • Stocking the Loch Raven Haven with food, clothing, toiletries and other necessities for students in need. School staff bring students in need to this room discreetly and items are taken in bags.
  • Caps and gowns for graduating seniors who cannot afford them.
  • Funds for Advanced Placement Tests for low-income students.
  • Grocery gift cards for homeless students and others in need over Spring Break.
  • End of school year food support for graduating seniors and other students in great need over the summer months.
  • Connections with school staff members allow the Network to respond quickly to other requests including: funds for a medical physical so that a student can play sports; funds for homeless seniors to go to the Prom; air beds and bedding for a family with a Loch Raven student displaced from housing; winter clothing for a homeless student; part of college deposit for a homeless student; class supplies for students, including calculators for the Math Department for low-income students.