Loch Raven Haven

Our Newly Expanded Loch Raven Haven!  We are so excited about the increased space!  Many thanks to Linda Oliver at LRHS for helping to make this happen, and to Chris Diehl and Vicki Schmelz, who worked for many hours on cleaning up and reorganizing for the new school year – the large space added is on the right.

Loch Raven High School has set aside a special room to store donations of food, toiletries, clothing and other needed items.

  • Donations to the Loch Raven Haven are accepted in the Loch Raven High School office.
  • The Loch Raven Haven is stocked and inventoried by volunteers.
  • A school staff member or a volunteer accompanies each student to shop in the room.
  • Students are also encouraged to let us know what items they need that we might not have.
  • To find out what items are currently needed click the SignUpGenius button below.

Questions? Please contact: Beth Wolff, Julie Desmarais, or Janet Stevens