Owings Mills Elementary Network News

Gearing Up For The Thanksgiving Event At Owings Mills Elementary, October 2019

Susan Katz, Nora Linstrom, and Vicki Almond, the Lead Volunteers for Owings Mills Elementary, have been busy getting local businesses involved with helping students at our newest Network school! 

The Costco in Owings Mills has donated funds for the Thanksgiving event at the school.

Sprouts has also donated a gift card, and 25 bags of food for families. 


Photo: Rachael and Brian, Membership Division at Costco with the gift card donation to the Owings Mills Network

A Great Start For The New School Year, September 2019

The Jewish Volunteer Connection donated 75 backpacks with school supplies to Owings Mills Elementary! In addition, funds from the Network provided pencil pouches for the entire school, and notebooks for the entire fourth grade.

Backpacks were picked up at the JVC office by Nora Linstrom (left) and Susan Katz (right), Lead Volunteers for Owings Mills Elementary School

Andre’a Butler, Assistant Principal at OME, receiving the backpacks at the school

Owings Mills Elementary School Joins the Student Support Network, August 2019

The Student Support Network is delighted to welcome Owings Mills Elementary School!  Owings Mills Elementary is the first elementary school and the first school in the northwestern region of the county to join the Network.  Upon learning about a need in their local community, volunteers worked with school staff to create the Owings Mills Elementary Network’s Kindness Closet and officially joined the Student Support Network in August.

The lead volunteers of the Owings Mills Elementary Network are Susan Katz, Nora Linstrom, and Vicki Almond, who will work with school staff to fulfill student needs and stock and organize the room for students, now known as the Kindness Closet.