Parkville High Network

Parkville High School

2600 Putty Hill Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21234    

Lead Volunteers:  Cheri Pegues and Lori Levinson

Photos, left to right:  lead volunteers Cheri Pegues and Lori Levinson

The Parkville Network began to organize in the Spring of 2017, when a space was found in the school for the “Parkville Pantry.” Network volunteers and school staff collected a large donation from the food pantry at St. Ursula’s Church, run by the Society of Vincent de Paul, just up the road from the high school. The space in the school was cleared out, cleaned, and the donated food put in place. After the huge drive sponsored by Empower4life in August of 2017, in which Parkville High School was a beneficiary, two truckloads of toiletries and clothing were donated. The Pantry has also become a storage space for food and toiletries delivered to other offices and programs in the school, including Special Education, Evening Education and the ESOL program. Parkville Network funds have been used for emergency food assistance, shoes and clothing and support of the AVID program. There are now several regular volunteers working in the Pantry.

Parkville High School

Inside the Parkville Pantry: the wonderful volunteers for the Parkville Network, with the equally wonderful school nurse – such a strong commitment to the students there. Thank you!

The Parkville Pantry stocked with food, clothing, toiletries, and school supplies, 2017


The beginning: Parkville High School Pupil Personnel Worker and two volunteers from the food pantry at St. Ursula’s church bring donations to Parkville High School for the Parkville Pantry.

In the 2017-2018 school year, Parkville’s enrollment was 1,815 students. Of these, 753 qualified for Free Meals, and 117 for Reduced Price Meals, a total of 870 students, or 47.9% of all students at the school.  About 16% of all students (301 students) receive SNAP benefits (food stamp program).

  • To qualify for Free Meals, annual family income for a family of four cannot exceed $31,980 (130% of Federal Poverty Level).
  • To qualify for Reduced Price Meals (30 cents for breakfast and 40 cents for lunch), annual family income for a family of four cannot exceed $45,510 (185% of Federal Poverty Level).
  • In December of 2017, 120 students at Parkville High School had already been identified as homeless.  The total number for the previous school year was 145 identified as homeless.