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SSN Celebrates Parkville High AVID Program Students, Spring 2019

This spring, the Student Support Network celebrated the wonderful accomplishments of the students in the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program at Parkville High School, freshmen through seniors. A total of 61 students made the Honor Roll and the Program GPA for the quarter was 2.84, which is again well above the school and county average. Two students had 4.0 averages. We celebrated with popsicles and certificates. The Network is a proud supporter of these students and their hard work in the AVID program!

New Donations to ESOL and AVID Programs at Parkville High School, September 2018

The AVID program at Parkville has some major new patrons: Susan and Jeff Dorsey, and Cheri and Bob Pegues.  Susan and Jeff will contribute $100 a month to the AVID program (Advancement Via Individual Determination), which helps students in very challenging life circumstances receive the support they need to succeed in high school and beyond.  From their website:  “75% of AVID students are from a low socioeconomic status background, and 80% are underrepresented students. Nevertheless, they outperform their peers in crucial metrics nationwide.” The Dorsey’s generous donation has already had an effect!  Beginning this school year, Cheri and Bob Pegues will contribute $100 a month to both the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and AVID programs at Parkville, for a total contribution of $2400 this year.  This new support will allow the Chairs of these programs to provide more academic support and also provide school supplies for students in need at both programs.  Together the AVID and ESOL programs at Parkville include hundreds of students. Cheri, a graduate of Parkville High School, is also the new lead volunteer for the Network program there and has been busy organizing the pantry and delivering supplies to school teachers and staff.  She has made a phenomenal start and we are so fortunate to have her!

AVID students at Parkville High School, summer 2018

A class of AVID students at Parkville HS, summer 2018

Two Junior Girl Scouts from Troop 10175 of Lutherville helping to deliver over 400 back-to-school bags to the ESOL program at Parkville High School.

Junior Girl Scouts from Troop 10175 of Lutherville with their donations to the ESOL program.

We are so excited to welcome Cheri Pegues to the Parkville Network as our new Lead Volunteer!

February, 2018: Anonymous Donor Gives $7,000 to the Parkville Network

An anonymous Parkville resident gave $7,000 to the Parkville Network in honor of Dr. Richard O. Cook, VMD, known as “Doc” to many, who passed away in 2017.  To read about this generous donation, click here:  Read More

Photo of Dr. Richard O. “Doc” Cook, VMD, in whose memory a $7,000 donation was made to the Parkville Network.